Top 5 Spectacular On-Stage Presentations That Embraced Augmented Reality


Live stage shows sole aim- Arrest Audience Attention.

Conventional on-stage presentations vividly explain the objective of event, but failed to left indelible mark on the mind of attendees.

A startling fact unveiled by Phillip Khan-Panni, UK Champion business speaker and author that 80% of presentations fail to deliver their objective and connect with the audience.

Participants get bored, visual elements do not intrigues and no interaction involved are the common signs of those events, which do not succeed in sustaining audience engagement.

Be it live music event, entertainment shows, product promotion event, dance show, and international meet, the result is same.

Augmented reality can turn those shows into winning business presentations.

The technology made presentations more persuasive and compelling by overlaying multimedia content over real world environment.

Now, employing AR on-stage would impact marketing, promotion, and creativity, and improves interaction.

Some of the forward-thinkers already understood the importance of augmented reality and harnessing the power of technology orchestrated jaw dropping interactive shows.

Here, top five on-stage presentations are outlined that goes extra mile to impress participants.


1) STC at Gitex Expo in Riyadh

Gitex is known for organizing influential tech events on the planet. STC- Saudi Telecom Company organized an event at Gitex stage in Riyadh.

On-stage presentation showcased new quadruple play offer and other innovative products offered by the firm that completely hooked the audience. Speaker of the show was just waving his hand and animations displayed.

With the help of come&do agency in the live show, augmented reality experience was given that immersed and engaged the participants like never before.


2) Schwarkzopf Professional product

Displaying the impact of cosmetics in real on-stage is hard nut to crack.

But, Schwarkzopf Professional presentation for BC Bonacure Color Freeze shampoo did it at ease. Anchorman was just waving his hand, and controlling the visual effects that were activating in real-time.

Augmented reality enable the attendees to get inside the hair strand and let them view 3D model of shampoo before the screen & effect of shampoo on every strand of hair’s growth, color and shine.

Incredible technology helped in explaining the objective of event to the core, which is impossible to understand in normal event.


3) Guangzhou Auto Show

Dongfeng China presented their newly launched car Teana Nissan in Guangzhou show by teaming with RTT- AR solutions developer.

Newly scaled product experience was provided with high-end 3D visualizations deploying augmented reality.

Tracking presenter’s movements, virtual image of Teanna was projected on the stage in real-time and rendered comprehensive insight into the vehicles exterior and interior, advantages and refinements.

Stunning AR presentation has set new standard in automotive industry shows, and communicated the message and illustrated the USP of product clearly.


4) Alstom demonstration

Alstom is world’s leading player known for its innovation in power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure.

In a conference, Alstom CEO Patrick Kron created a big impression on onlookers by sharing their vision of the future using augmented reality effects.

In the show, as Patrick moved his hands, 3D city rose up from the stage, with the sweep an underground subway system revealed, a hydro-electric dam appeared in his palm and high-speed train arrive on-stage.

According to a survey, dramatic appearance of visuals satisfied 99% of the participants.


5) Make in India Augmented Reality

Wizcraft orchestrate mega events and create amazing experience for varied audience. Recently, Wizcraft collaborated with Transhuman Collective to render remarkable experience at the Opening Ceremony of the Hannover Messe 2015.

With Augmented reality, virtual lion is animated and made to walk along the aisles and roared in front of doyens. The integrated performance of lion is the highlight of prestigious event and firstly used in live event.

Immersive multi-media presentation has taken AR experience to a whole new level.


Wrap up

Live augmented reality presentations has gained high traction. Top-grade technology brilliantly serves the purpose of arranging the events by enthralling audience.

Cutting-edge tech would hugely ascend the success rate, but do not guarantee 100% achievement forever.

Instead, leveraging the potential of AR in right context in an appropriate way can spell bind attendees.

Get ready for record breaking response with augmented reality!

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