Top 5 Brands That Gained Momentum Using Augmented Reality in Billboards


Outdoor advertisement is a potent tool of marketing as most of the people spend 70% of the time outside the home. Billboards are the sole source of outdoor marketing on which most of the public out-of-the-home relies for more information.

It offers a brand a great opportunity to advertise on billboards and connect with customers. However, no matter how much creative those billboards are, sometimes, brands fail to catch attention from their audience. Fortunately, technology has an answer to this problem.
How about having billboards that come to life and talk to your customers?

Confused, right?

Well, here we are talking about integrating technology in billboards to make them more interactive, engaging and creative, which generally customers look for.

With the advent of advanced technologies like Augmented Reality, static billboards when scanned through smartphones, can trigger virtual/digital content to help brands connect with customers. Augmented Reality Billboards have the power to immerse your audience and keep them hooked on to your brand for a long period of time.

Let’s take a quick look at augmented reality!

The technology helps generate interactive content like- audio, video or images over real object, when it is scanned through smartphone.

When people scan the billboards, virtual images or videos become live and they can see it in real world. The technology helps brands to entice their users and provide a growing platform for advertising messages that will in turn maximize their revenues.

Research says:

“Buyer’s likelihood of purchasing would increase by 135% when they saw an AR version of the product”

Now, take a glimpse of all those top honchos who embrace augmented billboards!

Big brands are leveraging the potential of Augmented reality to woo their customer. Here they are-

1) Subway Stations

Using AR billboards as a major selling tool, Subway placed huge number of augmented billboards around the New York City. These billboards are highly sought after by the advertisers because when posters or soft drinks billboards scan by smartphone interesting artworks become live.

The animated artwork intrigues the passer-by and make them to see the billboard at least once.

2) Ford C-Max

Ford has transformed mall spaces into augmented billboards for Ford C-Max advertising campaign in the UK. In this augmented reality advertising campaign, each installation has Panasonic D-imager camera that track the gesture of the user.

User can view different features of the car like – choose the color of the car, open doors, fold the seats flat, turn the car 360 degrees and a lot more, just by waving their hand in an amazing way.

3) Dominos

Now, dominos keep away the need to Google Domino’s location or any deal or offer on the mobile. It is so because by scanning Dominos augmented billboard, one can easily find local store, know current deals, menu card and download the Dominos ordering app.

Dominos Pizzas had taken this initiative across 6000 sites in Britain and campaign really succeeded. Now, people can order dominos Pizza right from the billboard with Dominos mobile app.

Dominos - billboards

4) Tic Tac

Augmented billboards used by Tic Tac are the part of its “Shake it up” advertising campaign to communicate a message to the customers in an entertaining way. Erected billboard is targeting millennials and intended to raise the brand awareness among consumers.

The billboard when scanned with Tic Tac Times Square app gives people 15 minutes of fame by letting them connect with Facebook and populate with user name, photo and gender immediately when theuser is on Times Square. User can also share their new found fame on Facebook.

Using Augmented reality billboard and app, Tic Tac gets over 20 million impression. The gross sale was increased by 9% within first five week of its launch.

tic tac

5) Hyundai

Hyundai introduces an interactive billboard as a part of unique advertising using augmented reality. The billboard receives nearly 300,000 visitors daily as this appealing advertisement makes them stop by and notice it.

The character in the smart billboard communicates with the viewer when they scan the billboard through their smartphones and ask them to choose whether they are a race car driver, a police officer, a tourist or an artist.

Hyundai - Billboard


Using augmented reality billboards are the best bets brands are placing in advertising campaigns. Using augmented reality in marketing surely brings in a transition in advertising strategies, as this solution brings more user engagement, loyalty, interactivity along with a lot of fun.

Leading brand’s examples perfectly elucidate how Augmented Reality billboards give them a leg up to enhance their user base.

So, scale to new heights with Augmented Reality Billboards!

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