Top 4 Brands That did it Right – Using AR in Print Advertising

Magazine Augmented Reality

Advertising is not a new phenomenon. It is the core of marketing strategy. Over the years, hoards of advertising campaign are run by organizations to garner attention.

Instead, some fail or do not get epic success, why?

Print advertisement are the best ads, but this traditional advertising like- ads in newspapers, magazine, templates and a lot are able to catch the attention of people, but do not captivate them.

So, how print ads can become more fascinating?

Evolving technology helps industry-wide brands to better connect with their audience. Nowadays, Augmented Reality in the marketing has become ultra-popular due to the immersive experience it offers to the customers.

You might be thinking, what actually augmented reality is?

Augmented reality is an interactive technology that triggers virtual content like- audio, video, image overlaying real world object, when camera is projected over the real object.

The technology is using worldwide across different industry verticals to provide mesmerizing experience to the user. Using augmented reality in advertising, brands can enthrall the customers and increase the brand awareness.

Let’s take a glance at the effect driven in brand’s sale with the use of augmented reality in print-advertising campaigns.

Augmented reality advertising adds the life to the boring prints in magazines, newspapers, brochures and much more. Well, this augmented reality ads from distance looks normal, but when smartphones are projected before them, they become live.

Right from retail to automotive to the travel space has started using interactive print media in magazine, brochure or newspaper for advertisement. Brands can reap great benefits with the implementation of augmented reality ads in their marketing strategy.

1) Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen promotes new Passat in Germany with new ad campaign through digital brochure and newspaper. By scanning the print with smartphones, a video plays that shows the features of car and also let the users to view the new Passat with their own choice of color and rim style. Even, one can take “test drive” the car virtually. The ad marked 38 million app downloads across the globe.

Volkswagen Passat

2) Ford explorer

Ford Company very nicely utilized the potential of augmented reality print advertisement to demonstrate the features of Ford Explorer, a new sport utility vehicle (SUV). By scanning the QR code in the ad with smartphone, Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Power Fold trunk expansion features are explained in visual interactive fashion without any complication.

Ford explorer combined traditional print advertising and mobile marketing using AR print ads.

3) Tissot

Well-known Swiss watch maker, Tissot incorporated AR in printing that has built enormous buzz across the globe. The company has taken a step further with digitally printed watches that have unique QR code embedded in it. After scanning QR code in the stores, they can see the visual display of any watch right on their wrist.

After employing this technique, Tissot Company had seen an amazing growth in their sales and in the first two weeks of print advertising campaign, 50,000+ hits received on YouTube.

4) Tesco

Tesco has integrated AR into its Real Food Magazine. When user scans the page with mobile phone or tablet, they are directed to the links of recipes, videos of cooking shows and can even buy products online.

The augmented version of magazine experienced 60% of average click through, which is incredibly high as compared to click through rate on a banner ad, which is 0.3%.

Final thoughts

Augmented reality advertising campaigns have immense potential to drive huge revenues and sales. Augmented print media intrigue the customers by providing additional information in a more engaging way. Impactful advertising of products using cutting-edge technology provides enriched user experience and ascends the perceived value of brands & products.

Get ahead of the curve using augmented reality print advertising!

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