How Augmented Reality Helps In Maximizing Your Sale In This Christmas


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Tis the season! The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner. Surroundings are overloaded with fun and festive spirits. Happiness is in the air. Everyone is busy to plan Christmas surprises for their near and dear ones.

Apart from individuals, it’s the best time for companies to engage the customers by launching promotional offers in a unique way. It’s an opportunity for the brands to cover a large market, increase sales and boost revenue. In the process of creating groundbreaking marketing strategies, businesses have started adopting various emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) as an integral part of the ad campaigns.

Augmented Reality solutions allow brands to add a layer of digital content to the real world objects. Creating AR ad campaigns, businesses can grab customer attention and drive enormous customer engagement.

Excited to explore the exceptional abilities of Augmented Reality? Then, this blog is written for you. Unveil the new business dimensions by developing custom Augmented Reality apps for your marketing campaigns and make a big bash in this Xmas.

Improve Customer Walk-ins

Embracing AR, brands can define brilliant marketing strategies that elevate the customer visits at shopping centers, event or huge stores. Introduce gaming elements like Treasure Hunt in the promotional campaign to guide customers around a space.

Let the consumers discover your exclusive offers, discounts, and deals using Augmented Reality apps. Offering such rewarding and fun experiences, enterprises can enlarge their customer base like never before.

Create printed marketing material like hoardings, brochures, flyers, etc. that contains digital content and distribute them in public places and nearby locations. People will scan the information using Augmented Reality solutions. To take the advantage of exciting deals and offers, they visit your stores. This way AR ad campaigns enable customers with useful and entertaining content in a dynamic way.  

Enhance Customer Engagement

Stay ahead in the competition by facilitating target audience with compelling experiences. Raise the festive fever amongst the customers by enabling them with Christmas themed games, immersive 360° festive scenes, indulging seasonal selfies, and more. Usually, businesses prefer to add the digital content on their products or packaging. Thus, AR improves people’s engagement with the brands.

Lunch AR ad campaigns for your brand to deliver fun-filled experiences to the customers just like Cadbury. Shoppers will detect the additional information or animated content imposed over the product or packaging through Augmented Reality apps. Enable them with entertaining and delightful experiences such as Christmas special selfies, greeting cards, videos, etc.

Increase Customer Retention

Create something really unique and entertaining using the advanced technologies like body detection sensors, face detection systems, etc. with Augmented Reality solutions. Integrating latest technologies, businesses can create captivating marketing campaigns that encourage users to spend more time in the store for shopping. Immersive and animated digital content easily grab the attention of users and involve them by offering more delightful and memorable in-store experience.

The video provides a new dimension to entertain store visitors in this Christmas. It seems interesting. Isn’t it? Well, apart from entertainment, brands can also provide useful product information to the customers.

Harnessing AR, people can learn how a particular product contributes to making the Christmas celebrations more exciting. Customers like to visit such stores again and again as they can get some innovative ideas that add value to the festival. This way, the technology improves the sales and makes the Xmas more special and memorable.

Deliver Experiences & Not Just Products

When Augmented Reality allows us to spread a smile across the people then why don’t we consider it during the happiest time of the year. Use the technology to transform any humble product into an incredible gift. It brings items to life and converts a product or packaging into a piece of useful information or entertainment. Enable your store visitors with lots of surprises in this Xmas.


McDonald delivered an interactive and immersive experience to the store visitors by launching an AR ad campaign named “Juliette the Doll” during the Christmas in 2016. The brand launched a 90-second film of a vintage wooden doll. They superimposed this story on a tray mat. McDonald store visitors had an amazing experience. They scanned tray mat and enjoyed the full film. It had improved the customer visits, product sales, and revenue for the brand.

Immersive Greeting Cards for Christmas

The simplest and quickest way to amaze the customers using Augmented Reality. Create personalized greeting cards using immersive content and festive animations. It’s a unique way to wish the Christmas to your customers. Spice up the season’s greetings by adding the flavor of AR technology.

Christmas is on the way! Are you ready to get above benefits for your business?

Bevond is a turnkey Augmented Reality app that allows brands to superimpose a layer of digital content on the real-world objects. Moreover, the app allows people to track immersive content of an AR ad campaign and explore the additional information. We have a team of AR developers who have extensive proficiency in developing custom Augmented Reality apps as per your specific business needs. Get in touch with our experts to share your project requirements. You can also download our app from App Store and Play Store.

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