Augmented Reality & Virtual Fitting Rooms: Say Good Bye to Physical Trial Rooms

Virtual Fitting Rooms

Most of us are shopaholics ☺

Given some spare time and some spare dimes, all of us, would go on shopping apparels for the entire day.

However, buying clothes can turn out be a tiresome process because one has to physically try at least 4-5 clothes before making the final call.

Furthermore, long queues in your retail store can scare customers away.

It is not uncommon for customers to choose a couple of garments and then leave it just because it took so long for the queue to clear up.

Now, this certainly, impacts your conversions. Doesn’t it!

There are tons of other choices for your customers but just because these need to be tried on physically in trial rooms, deters most of them to try all of them.

So, is there a way to help these customers make better buying decisions by allowing them to try on clothes without actually going to a trial room?

AUGMENTED REALITY is your answer.

Augmented reality bridges the gap between customer and retail. It ends up the tiresome process of changing dress by saying good bye to physical trial room with virtual fitting room solution.

Take a sneak peek into the Virtual fitting room concept.

Interactive augmented virtual fitting room uses 3D depth sensors camera that project live video stream of the customers on TV screens that act as a mirror for the shoppers.

On the screen, customer can view themselves and menus for navigating through different dresses. Using the gestures, one can select various items to mix and match, preview products without having to physically put them on and narrow down the choices.

Let’s see why Virtual fitting room is the perfect solution for your retail space.


1 ) Try on dress without stepping into the store

At times, passers-by want to try on the outfit displayed on windows. However, the sheer laziness of going inside and trying the outfit discourages them.

Virtual fitting rooms can come to your rescue here. These allow prospects to try and buy clothes virtually from the window of the store itself.


2 )  Time saving

No doubt, shopping is a time-consuming activity, yet most enjoyable. In the store, it takes much time to try on number of garments and stand in the tiresome lines.

Even, sometimes there is restriction on the number of garments that can be taken to the trial room due to security reason. Shoppers have to take multiple trips from shelves to trial room.

According to a leading publication, “US shoppers who use fitting rooms spend a third of their in-store time there.”

Employing virtual fitting room solution, in front of mirror customer will get all the dresses available and can see how they look like. This way total time consumption can be reduced that otherwise would be wasted in tripping between trial room and shelves.


3 ) Drive more footfall

Having a virtual trial room in your physical store boosts the number of people who visit it. All thanks to the engaging and pleasant experience that the virtual storeroom offers.

Sometimes, even if the person doesn’t want to shop, yet he/she visits the store to get a feel of this technology and ends up turning into a customer.

This next-generation solution helps deliver a superior buying experience to shoppers and therefore has a huge impact on the bottom-line of your store. Prada, John Smedley, Avenue 32 and many more stores installed such rooms and experienced the difference.

The conversion rate in brick-and-mortar stores is increased to 57% in first-time buyers through virtual dressing room.


Last thought

Virtual fitting rooms are already bringing in a paradigm shift in the retail landscape. Brands are leveraging these to entice existing customers and reach new ones.

Why stay behind, it’s time to hop on the technology bandwagon.

Personalize the shopping for your customers with virtual fitting rooms today!

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