AR and Experiential Marketing- A Perfect Mix for Interactive Campaign!


After a certain time period, technologies push their boundaries to gain wider exposure. Augmented Reality (AR) is also one of such niche technologies. Creating fusions with other technologies and various business concepts and processes, AR delivers exceptionally brilliant experiences to the world. Amongst all, the most impressive blend is augmented reality and experiential marketing.
Another combo has proved that a marketing tactic and technology can work coherently in order to improve customer engagement and empower the sales funnel. This mixture strengthens the bond amongst brands and customers by presenting the advertisement in a quite immersive and interactive way. Get ready to experience an altogether different magic!
Before exploring AR experiential marketing, let’s have a quick overview of both the terms. It improves the effectiveness of the subject.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality blends digital elements with the real world and permits users to interact with the digital content in the real world. Offering 3D visuals, it delivers the next level experience to customers.

Experiential Marketing

A renowned marketing strategy that is adopted by the brands in an incremental manner. The term is also known as engagement marketing. It allows companies to improve consumer engagement by delivering them an interactive and memorable experience. Usually, it directly appeals to customers’ sentiments like beliefs, emotions, attitudes, and behavior. Launching experiential marketing campaigns, brands invite and encourage buyers for active participation in the evolution of a brand or brand experience.

How Augmented Reality Experiential Marketing Affects to Your Brand?


Increased Interaction

Engagement marketing is all about creating amazing advertisement campaigns that impress the end users and touch their heart, emotions, and feelings. Allowing organizations to inject immersive experience in their campaigns, augmented reality adds a unique flavor to the company’s brand image and its promotions.
Using AR with experiential marketing, organizations can provide a more realistic overview of their products. Now, organizations don’t just endorse their offerings. They enable customers with a detailed look of the products. It improves reliability of the organizations as customers can make a thoughtful buying decision after analyzing various factors.

Enhanced Data Capture

Embracing AR, launch advanced engagement marketing campaigns that create interest and excitement amongst customers. Allow consumers to interact with your marketing campaigns, it helps in gathering valuable insights about their ever-changing behavior.
Augmented reality experiential marketing collects various data about customers and generates the intelligence. Companies can use this analysis to redefine their various operations related to production, supply chain, and marketing in order to streamline the functional efforts. It gives insights about where the companies need to invest more and what practices they should avoid in order to generate the profit.

Seamless Integration

AR is supposed to offer digital content with an immersive experience. On the other hand, engagement marketing stands for delivering live and engaging experiences to the end users. To launch marketing campaigns with outstanding technical effects, integration of the latest tools and technologies is imperative. Well, WOW experience cannot be delivered unless and until all the integration work in a chorus. There must be seamless synchronization between various technologies to generate the expected results out of the AR experiential marketing campaign.


Based on the analysis of collected data, organizations can improve their business landscape in terms of manufacturing and promotion of the products. Apply the required modifications and create personalized products as per the taste and standards of customers. It drives brand equity for the businesses. Custom offering is a proven strategy that drives tremendous customer engagement, increases the sales, and boosts the revenue cycle.

Practical Implications of Augmented Reality Experiential Marketing


A renowned travel agency launched an application that allowed visitors to view the historical content of the Berlin Wall. The digital content contained historical movie, reconstructions of devastated sites, and stories about Germany during the cold war.
Travelers learned everything without a guide just by scanning the places through their smartphones. The movie enriched the knowledge of users and gave them a fun-filled experience. More than that, viewers felt that they experienced the scenes in real-world.


Gradually, physical fashion stores have started installing AR solutions in their outlets. Allowing buyers to try various outfits virtually, the AR-based app or solution gives a better idea to customers about how the dress will look on their body in real-time. It involves consumers throughout the journey from product selection to purchase by offering them virtual experiences. It directly hits subconscious mind of the customers and leaves a long-lasting effect about a distinctive experience.


A leading soft drink giant launched an engagement marketing campaign for its soft drink in London. They transformed the boring and dull bus shelter into an interactive place. Using AR, they delivered an experiential experience to the people. They created a fake window that displayed a loose tiger, an attacking robot, flying saucers, and other digital content. It simply amazed the people by offering see-through display. Harnessing AR experiential marketing, the companies can launch extremely creative campaigns for an in-store, event and out-of-home advertisement.


AR-based experiential marketing becomes an integral part of media domain as well. A premier wildlife channel released an AR engagement marketing campaign in the malls. It encouraged people to stop for a while and look at the screen. They saw the animals roaming around. People also interacted with the animals displayed on the big screen. It affected a lot of foot traffic across the mall. People enjoyed this virtual experience as if they were in a real wildlife sanctuary.

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