5 Sports Events That Leveraged Augmented Reality To Boost Sport’s Promotion


Sports fans are crazy to watch their favorite sports, right?

Yes, but not only game play while there is something else which also captivate the attention of people.

That’s called SPORTS PROMOTION via marketing.

It is Sports marketing that fill seats of the stadium in uncertain weather conditions otherwise sports fans can fickle.

Traditional strategies employed for promotion include promotional campaigns through mass media that included print, television, and radio, are repeated throughout the season in static fashion.

With old-age tactics, sports marketers struggle to keep fan’s attention and it’s really becoming daunting.

It has become a challenging task.

How sports industry use social currency to promote brands and make sports fans pay for tickets?

Leveraging AUGMENTED REALITY to excite the fans has answer to this problem.

In this digital age where the promotion is fluent on a day to day, even minute to minute basis, augmented reality can send live message and can be changed at the drop of hat.

Take a glance at all those sports events where augmented reality is incorporated to immerse the audience in this digital magic.


1) Advertizing Tie In’s

For the last World Cup in soccer, the brewing company Budweiser launched a mega ad campaign that tied in to social media.

On the cans of beer they produced for the event, there was a code that the drinker could scan with their smartphone to allow them to access all kinds of extra goodies to gain access a radical 3D version of the FA Cup.

Very cool tie in to say the least, but it will allow fans to be a part of the fun in a real live way. That’s one of the benefits of augmented reality in sorts, the interactivity of it.


2) Wrigley Field

Since the general public seems to be pretty tech savvy with the latest apps being high on everyone’s radar nowadays. It’s very easy for companies who produce the apps to allow augmented reality into the user’s life by using GPS functions to gather information.

When the user who says for example is at Wrigley Field to watch Cubs baseball game, points his smartphone at the opposing team’s bench can then instantly get stats and player statistics on their smartphone at a moment’s request.

Is their pitcher any good? Is their batting hot lately? What are the stats on the probably odds of their favorite team winning? When the Cubs did last won the World Series?

A million years ago is the answer, but a person who is a fan can get tons of cool information to do with anything and everything sport-wise.


3) Eye Ply

The smart phone became a point at trigger that would provide information and stats about the player singled out. For example, you could be a fan at a baseball game.

Aim your phone at the player coming to bat and his current hitting stats will appear on your phone screen. Not only will you get his current season stats, you will also see what he’s done in the current game.

Do the same for a player in the field and you will get the same information and stats package.


4) Wimbledon tennis tournament

In 2009, at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the Wimbledon Seer App was introduced. It was developed by IBM, and ran on Google GI smart phone.

The user looks through the camera lens and receives superimposed data on various aspects of the Wimbledon experience. That data included match information, news feed, a locater function, and even refreshment stand updates.

The unique thing about Wimbledon Seer was that its feeds came directly from Wimbledon’s own control channel, which allowed them to do data research on the 500,000 ticket holders for the two week event.


5) TOPPS 3D LIVE trading cards

AR has also moved into the world of collectible sports cards. Topps, a long time sports card company, came up with total immersion 3D Live Trading Cards, With the cards, the player in question literally bounces off the card and becomes a 3D virtual card able to simulate a turn at bat.



What the Future Holds?

It’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of augmented reality. In terms of sports broadcasting, augmented reality surely is here to stay if it just remains the same or is given a boost by new innovations.

Intensifying people participation in sports with augmented reality is a viable option.

Increase the interest or footfall of sports fan to sports events now!

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