5 Reasons Why New Head Gear is a Perfect Fit for The Enterprises


Untapped potential of augmented reality has shaken every industry like no other.

The next tech revolution changed the way you look at the real world.

Holding mobile phones, one can view virtual labels attached to real world object, character come out of the print or static things starts interacting.

Sounds amazing!

Superimposing digital content over real-world object in real-time in real-world environment when scanned with smartphones, is what augmented reality is.

But, the astonishing experience, technology provides keep users’ hands engaged.

So, what’s next?

Hololens that’s even surprised augmented reality.

Take a quick look at what Hololens is.

Hololens is the new headsets that will paint virtual reality in real world environment and let people interact with them by just waving their hands.

Flashy headsets with transparent lenses blast light at one’s eyes and then create realistic, 3D digital images or holograms after tracking movement and watching gaze of the wearer.

The goggles have camera that looks at physical objects and then project 3D images on the top of things or inside them.

This Wearable add extra dimension for enterprises by rendering out-of-the world service and immersive experience


Let’s take a glance at how embracing Hololens would give a lift to the enterprises.
1) Ease the Training

Skilled workers can be created without providing any manual training. Hololens manifests talented set of worker by providing step-by-step instructions with holograms.

It helps employees to visualize what steps to follow to understand or complete their project. This gadget explains everything in an effective way than any other.


2) Eliminate unnecessary management

Following traditional landscape of business hierarchy to provide training or managing the workers with management personnel can be alleviated by new head gear.

Hololens can solely guide, oversee the work gets done and track what employees are doing in real-time. Enterprises can conserve manpower and save few bucks as well.


3) Improve Collaboration

Well, numerous digital channels are available which helps employees or employers to communicate instantly. However, they require one to either sit on their desk or carry any accessory like mobile with them.

Instead, Hololens would enable employees to do what they are actually doing and enable receiving information simultaneously. It helps them in interacting and collaborates in spades.

Appealing experience this holographic communication provides replace business trips and consequently, travel expenses can be reduced.


4) Increase Accessibility

Many times, workers like- engineers require immediate information about the project they are working on. In such cases, browsing on the internet or looking some other ways means wasting good amount of time.

Here, Hololens provides greater accessibility to the information anywhere, anytime before the eyes of worker that’s time savvy and speed up the work.


5) Elevate sale

In today’s time, providing custom experience to your customers means making them to come back. Enterprises can boost sale by letting users customize their products in front of their eyes before opening their wallet.

For instance, Hololens allow users to envision how car would look on the showroom floor after choosing specific color, fabric, accessories or seats from the catalogue.

Holographic version of products enhances user experience and thus uplifts the gross sale.


The last word

Incorporating Hololens in enterprises will change the culture of organization, provide new insights and help in gaining better understanding of working environment through data analysis.


The next big thing in business computing will be a game-changer, only if applications built are in line with enterprise needs.

Are you ready for the sensorification of your enterprise?

At Credencys, our team is set to turn your novel ideas into integrated technology that you envisage for.

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