5 Automobile Showrooms that has Reeled In Customers with Augmented Reality


Dealer showrooms are dying slow death!

The average number of showroom visits prior to purchase has dropped from about Four to One today, according to Mckinsey research.

Reliance on dealers for interaction is shrinking and very few prefer to test-drive the vehicle.

Roughly half (49%) of buyers test-drive one (or no) vehicle before purchasing their latest vehicle, sourced from DME research.

This is really sobering!

How automakers would combat with decreasing Showroom Visits?

AUGMENTED REALITY can tempt customers to step inside the dealer showrooms.

It can mitigate the reluctance towards conventional showrooms visit with virtual experience.

Augmented reality displays virtual content environment over real world object in real time when viewed with any digital device.

Unparalleled technology transforms showrooms into virtual platforms and enriches user experience, which can increase the footfall in showrooms.

Immersive experience rendered by the technology helps automakers to let users visualize 3D model of vehicle before it actually arrives into the showroom, literally.

Even, some of the leading players had rendered virtual vehicle on-board experience to the customers.

Let’s take a sneak peak at 5 automobile manufacturers who embraced augmented reality in their showrooms.

1) Ferrari

Displaying cars in a variety of colors with different option of add-ons in showroom is impossible. Ferrari ends this problem by joining forces with Zspace developer. Company created Ferrari AR showroom app using 3D tracking technology.

Introduction of impressive piece of technology in Ferrari car showrooms delighted the customers by letting them to dive into the specifics of vehicle ranging from exterior to interior.

Solution showcases different options of wheel designs, air flow over the car’s body, rims, 3D breakdown of the brake assembly and colors, when vehicle is viewed with tablet.

Customers can easily customize the car and able to see how it looks like immediately. Also, the slice of personalized experience can be shared with friends.

2) Land rover

Jaguar land rover has taken digital initiative with augmented reality to show off new vehicle in physical showrooms before it goes on real sale.

The marker was placed on showroom floor and visitors were enabled to view 3D model of Discovery Sport and explore its interior after putting on a Durovis Dive headset. The headset contained iPhone 5S preloaded with an AR app.

Different animations of virtual car delivered informative and enjoyable experience across all retailers in the UK.

3) Porsche

German automaker Porsche enhanced Showroom experience by equipping dealers with iPad augmented reality app. App synchronized with marker and triggered interactive content which provided complete sense of what vehicle offers.

Moving around the car while holding iPad, different parts of the Panamera get activated. Various animations, images, audios and videos pop up that demonstrated different technical aspects such as speed, aerodynamics and colors.

Application was engineered by teaming with Engage Production that prompted more activity, footfall, test drives and boosted sales conversion.

3)	Porsche

4) Ford

Ford drum up the interest of customers during showroom visit with augmented reality app. Ford highlighted the features of Ford vehicles available for sale in Malaysia.

Different markers are placed at different positions of the vehicle and when scanned with Smartphone, Vehicle models, Vehicle video, Vehicle specifications, Test drive request and Loan calculator options appeared on screen instantly.

Buyers could explore more in an engaging and interactive way by tapping finger onto any of these options.


5) Mercedes-Benz

As a part of “Escape the map” campaign, Mercedes-Benz enhanced showroom displays with augmented reality contents. Automaker aimed to showcase the features of car that were impossible to demonstrate inside the showroom.

On iPad, virtual tours of vehicle were offered. Mercedes B-Class showroom application had yielded 3D experience that layered information directly onto the car itself.

The digital map on the floor allowed iPad to display high tech animations of Intelligent light assist, Collision prevention assist and the stunning aerodynamic design of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class.




Augmented reality is a game changer for dealer showrooms and stimulates car-buying process. Top-notch experience delivered with deployment of technology would uplift the visits.

The number of U.S. dealerships, which is contracted by 15 percent in the U.S. over the past five years, could swell up in a matter of time with the adoption of tech.

Introducing cutting edge technology is the right choice.

Impact your customer decision and buying journey experience by jumping onto the AR bandwagon.

Happy showroom selling!

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