4 Ways Augmented Reality Can Re-Invent Theatres Space

4 Ways Augmented Reality Can Re-Invent Theatres Space

Over the past five years, footfall reaching to movie theatres has steadily taking a nosedive!

This is a bad signage for theatres.

Perhaps, with the rise of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime, people are showing reluctance to going out to the movies.

What theatres will do with in such changing conditions?

To arouse the interest of theatergoers and make them step inside require rebranding of theatres as an entertaining option.

It sounds perplexing, how physical theatres can entertain anyone, right?

Well, with confluence of new technology, not only movies can immerse you in a new whole world, but theatres can also.

Augmented Reality provides an approach for theaters to revitalize their audience memberships through enhance engagements both in and out of the theatre-specific environment.

Scratching your head for augmented reality, what is it actually? Here’s the answer.

Augmented reality (AR) refers to the way online and offline experiences comingle to produce one integrated existence such that you cannot draw a line of separation between them.

Theaters can take the advantage of AR to create new clientele, solidify relationships with current clientele, and enhance their audiences’ experience.

Take a glance at what are the benefits technology bring to the theatres.


1) Bring movie posters to life

Most of you have seen hundreds of posters hanging around the theatres, but a few of them catch audience attention. To captivate the attention of people therein, posters can be augmented and made to showcase innovative content that they visitors never experienced before.

For instance, AMC Theatres incorporated AR designated movie posters. When movie posters are viewed with mobile phone, a trailer for that movie play, offers the option to buy tickets online, and provides an option for adding the selection to the user’s favorite movie list.

By offering expanded options theaters can engage both the online and offline realities that consumers now inhabit. Finding new approaches for engaging existing clientele and creating relationships with potential customers enables growth in a fast-paced, technological society.


2) Use AR advertising on social media

Theatres mentally engage the patrons with novel advertisements and letting them share those through social interaction. User experience can be enhanced over social media with AR advertising.

AR advertising engages the audience in ways that don’t fight to wrestle attention away from social media or web-browsing, but rather works with it.

AR ads help foster existing relationships and establish new ones at the same time – but only if provided content creates unique engagement opportunities.

Creating meaningful content where audiences can relate experiences, review performances, and connect with other attendees will establish long-term relationships between theaters and their clientele.


3) Draw kids to the theater with amazing games

For the parents, it’s really very difficult to entertain their kids as they less often take interest in the theatres. Children interest can be hooked with games or augmented content that will pop up just by projecting the mobile phones over different places like- walls, ceilings and pretty more.

AR-style apps allow children to project game screens onto bare walls and, although the games are primarily solitary in play at present, expansion toward more interactive models allows for children to be introduced to theatrical productions in ways that are mentally stimulating and socially exciting.

Imagine the increased excitement of a child who just had the opportunity to interact with characters or walk through scenery from an upcoming production.

Or the fascination created by scanning a movie poster with a mobile app that would pop up an AR game by projecting the game screen or manipulating the visual stimuli seen through the mobile phone’s screen.


4) Introduces novel approach and vibrancy

What if the theater experience could begin before you even sat down? In some ways the ambiance of the theater already does this, but in a world of ever-increasing technology the possibilities for enhancing this ambiance are expanding.

Environmental stimuli can be enhanced even further, beyond merely the visual. Smart glasses give the wearer visual stimuli projected onto the surrounding environment and let him see the theatre in different style which in reality does not exist.

Even, customers could be guided into the theater by animated 3D avatars while the world around them slowly transforms into that of the story they are about to watch.



Consumers want unique experience with convenience. Augmented reality is doing the same.

From posters that come alive through mobile apps to smart glasses that transform hallways into scenes, augmented reality can merge the online and offline, revitalizing the theater and giving the consumers what they want.

If you want to exponentially increase the number of customers stepping inside the theatre, turning to this technology will be a right choice.

Start riding the wave of Augmented reality today!

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