5 Insurance Companies that found a novel way for marketing


Tring Tring….

A call came up on mobile phone saying, “Hello sir, I am calling from ABC insurance company, we have blah, blah, blah.”

Most of the time, it is cut by saying, “Sorry, I am busy right now and please call me later.”

Or the same messages on the mobile phones ruffle people’s feathers.

Despite insurance companies are providing insurance to the assets and tax benefit on the premium customers pay, people are not interested to listen them even once.


It is because they have got bored with same marketing strategy that insurance companies are repetitively employing.

Also, with the advent of digital technology, static brochures or leaflets of insurance plans do not intrigue the people anymore.

It posed a big concern before the insurance companies.

Now, it is becoming difficult to approach and make the customers understand about the offerings of insurers’ products.

So, how insurance companies will find a way out?

Augmented reality is one solution that can turn the tables.

Augmented reality- the technology generates sound, video or graphics over real world environment and thereby enhancing the people’s experience.

The technology blow away the prospects, when printed brochure after scanning with mobile phone let them browse different insurance plans, calculate the premium, know about the charge and a lot more on their mobile.

With the surge in the popularity of smartphones, emerging technology will become more prevalent and will reach the market worth $3 billion by 2016, according to ABI research.

Augmented reality has the potential to bring a paradigm shift in the insurance sector and many of the advanced-thinkers had already started adopting the technology as a major marketing tool.

Take a close look at five insurance giants that leveraged the breath-taking technology

1) Desjardins Insurance

Less often, people take interests in the saving and especially, in the retirement plans. Also, convincing the people about the same is like hard nut to crack.

Retirement plans are considered as very serious topic to discuss, so a bit of fun is added to them using an AR app. It engaged the customers and made them to listen about the retirement plans based on their financial status.

Desjardins launched an AR app which unlocks the people’s retirement goals with multiple choices. The physical print named “Penny Dollars” is distributed by the company and when scanned with smartphone, Penny becomes live.

In the video, a wise little girl Penny helps the viewer to learn about financial plans in a simple way.

The retirement simulator tool would help Desjardins to zero in on just what plans customer has saved or has not. This data is helpful for the company and gives them the insights about the customers.

The new twist in the marketing conveys the message to the people “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

2) Liverpool Victoria

Liverpool Victoria, a UK based company with more than 5 million consumers do not just offer best services while set a benchmark in the insurance industry in terms of creativity.

The insurer had injected life into newspaper flyers using augmented reality.

When LV=flyers are scanned, 3D house appear on the screen and by tilting the phone, users can explore the complete house. House shows different objects in and around that can be insured – such as a car, dog or plane for travel insurance.

Plus, prospects can view the insurance quotes and find links to the content hub of the company lvthat.com.


3) Allianz

Allianz used the potential of augmented reality seamlessly to highlight the would-be home accidents that may occur at home.

When users with an ipad enter the house, which is designed by the insurer, all the possible hidden dangers are showcased that may create potential hazard like- the toaster starts to sparkle and smoke, the aquarium cracks and breaks, the bathroom sink floods the floor and pretty more.

The video cleverly promote the people to buy insurance policy and insure their homes.

4) AXA Insurance

AXA insurance firm in Belgium designed an ad campaign in the magazine to help the people in case of car accident and guide them through some basic steps.

In a magazine, a full page of traditional print media with an image of disaster was published by the AXA. When specific space on the printed ad was scanned, a video plays showing a giant Godzilla-like monster destroying the street showcased in the print advertisement.

Well, this content was only aimed to grab the customer’s attention and make them understand the worst consequences of accidents.

5) Metlife Insurance

The USA insurance company deployed augmented reality video to deliver the more information about their services in a cool way.

The life is added to dental service brochure, when its cover is scanned with a smarthphone app. The video states about the plans that company offers and also shows how they are changing every year.

Last thought

Insurance firms have turned the way of sci-fi into commercial opportunities using cutting edge technology. By giving a different angle to the marketing strategies using augmented reality, grabbing wider customer attention is possible.

And, increasing use of smartphone acts as a catalyst in this approach and lets insurers create the wonders like never before.

Capitalize on the tremendous opportunities provided by the augmented reality!

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